Vlad-Marian MARIAN
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That is the gold rule of programming. You strive to achieve the task in the time allotted and release, but there is always room for improvement wherever you look. The Internet evolves increasingly faster every year so you have to do so too.

I am Vlad,

and I have the ability to stretch the limits of what software can do in order to achieve seemingly impossible tasks. Not kidding, I love what I do and I do it well.

I have been accused of re-inventing the wheel, but then again where would we be if nobody tried to re-invent something good enough and make it a lot better?

Aside of my job I like to challenge myself by building this and that no matter how large, small or impossible it may be. It's my learning process and I simply love it. Think I am mad, crazy, wonko.. etc? Good, If I wasn't I would probably be just another average Joe :)

I proudly,

coded a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA for short) from scratch and now have what one might consider a good platform for delivering both bulk and transactional mail with over 99% Inbox delivery.

This is a secure, multi server, multi tenant, single tenant database, big data, IPv6 ready, bayesian intelligent integrated email delivery solution that can be marketed as a software or SaaS.

Just for fun,

I wrote a PHP code documentor without the use of PHP's built in tokenizer. It's a collection of clever regexes and text parsers that without bragging really can give the well known documentor a run for it's money.

On top of that it also supports a custom style of documentation comments that will allow the addition of more complex information. And it's resulting website follows the familiar PHP website structure and style.

Not just once,

I quickly became the go to guy in the company for MySQL performance and other problems. Dealing with things from queries that required a bit more know-how to write all the way to improving performance of queries on big data.

One of my greatest performance improvements took one 17 minutes query and got it down to 17 seconds just by moving WHERE clauses into the JOIN's. And that was querying about 60 million rows across 12 tables for a single result row.

Challenge yourself every day!