There is no version ready!
That is the gold rule of programming. You strive to achieve the task in the time allotted and release, but there is always room for improvement wherever you look. The Internet evolves increasingly faster every year.

I am

I am Vlad Marian and I have the ability to stretch the limits of what applications can do in order to achieve seemingly impossible tasks.

Not kidding, I love what I do and I could not stop coding even if my life was on the line.

I have been accused of re-inventing the wheel, but then again where would we be if nobody tried to re-invent something better?

Aside of my job I like to challenge myself and build every idea I get without the use of any tools.

Think I am mad, crazy, wonko.. etc? Let me ask you this?

Have you ever written an email parsing class that does everything with just the use of some string functions and regular expressions?

What about coding an MTA from scratch? Don't know what an MTA is?

Did you ever optimize a database query that took 45 minutes to execute and transform it so that it executes in 15 seconds? Without adding one extra index?

Have you ever built and sold any kind of software that brought you an extra salary each month?

I might be crazy... but I am also good at what I do.